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The competition

International visual competition – Professional food photography with sustainability and ecology as the overall theme.The winner’s of competition will receive great prizes and international awareness.

The Award announcement.

Soon to be official

Traveling exhibition

The traveling exhibition, will visit great cities throughout the year, in public spaces


Njord Sustainable Food Photo Competition

Terms & Conditions 2017


  • Upload of five pictures cost €50. Upload of extra pictures will cost €10 per piece.
  • Once entered, pictures cannot be withdrawn. And there can be no refunds.
  • Payment are made online by credit card or paypal.

Terms of participating in the competition

  • Everybody can enter as long as they are 18 years or over.
  • The competition are mainly for Professionals, but the are one category for amateurs/enthusiast photographers
  • You can only participate with your own work
  • The judges have the final word.
  • The competition are international and you can participate from any country in the world.
  • All entered pictures should be max 2000x2000px 72ppi
  • Runners up will be contacted and asked to send their pictures in a larger format
  • Pictures should submitted between July 1st 2017 and December 15th 2017
  • No pictures will be returned by the Njord Sustainable Food Photo Competition  and therefore participants are advised to keep a copy of their digital files for their own use.


  • The photographer have the rights of their own photos. But participating in the competition they hereby allow the use of their photos for promotion of the competition, in our partners marketing, in the online magazine and for the public exhibition at no cost.
  • Of course no photo will be shown without photographer credit.


More and more food are produced every year. Somebody have to pay for that. And most of the time it´s the nature with we have to take very good care of, in order to survive.

By making this competition, we hope to bring more attention to that very important message.

That´s why all the pictures entered into this competition, have to show some sort of sustainability. Either positive or negative. The important thing is telling the story in a good picture.


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